Illuminati is a memorial page celebrating the lives of extraordinary people who have passed. It is dedicated to those enlightened souls who are a rare beacon of hope in an imperfect world. We are grateful for their efforts, their sacrifices, their passion and their accomplishments. Though they are gone they will always be an inspiration to us. Their selflessness, bravery, tenacity, and compassion are all examples of the human spirit, examples we can live by, thus allowing those listed within the Illuminati to shine on forever.

Adelaide Keanuenueokalaninuiamamao
"Frenchy" DeSoto,
Hawaiian Rights Activist
This first dedication is made in honor of a woman who's grandson is a friend of mine. I only met her once, very briefly, and wish I could have known her more.

From KITV4 News

Tough OHA Activist Had a Heart of Gold

One of her grandsons, describing her as a "compassionate warrior", shared these words with me:
My grandmother Frenchy DeSoto was my buddy, my mentor, and my source of inspiration. It hurt me to lose my mother to cancer 10 years ago and it hurts me to lose my grandmother now. To many she was a political icon but to me she was just someone who protected me, loved me, helped me think, motivated me to go to college, and made me laugh. She always gave to the homeless even when she had so little and she couldn’t bear to see the maltreatment of child or elderly person. Thanks to those of you who are paying your respects and condolences. I've been cutting and pasting your kind words as I am putting together a scrap book for myself and my family . . . Like the rest of my family I am grieving but grateful to my grandmother and I am proud.

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