Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Evil Stepmother Strikes Again

I am the proud inheritor of three precocious stepdaughters. They are amazing. They are beautiful. They are intelligent. They are daunting. And I love each of them as if they were my own.

Being a stepmother of children who are already half grown up (they range in age from ten to sixteen years) has made me realize an awful truth: I have limited time in which to share my knowledge and wisdom with them in a way that will enhance their adult lives.

I'm not suggesting that they are not already well equipped to tackle the world. They made sure I understood their power right from the beginning. They are strong, and amazing, and intelligent, and daunting . . . Wait, I already said that.

However, I really DO want to help them understand, in a very gentle way, that the world is not all about waiting for Prince Charming, that the Twilight novels are not the Modern Girls' Bible, and that the color pink and small yippy dogs that fit in your purse are not the only accessories a woman needs to prove her status and level of success.

Fortunately for me, all three girls are readers. So I was happy this morning to discover this really cool website:

I'm a smart cookie myself; I'm not going to ram a feminist agenda down their throats (only further corroborating their theory that I'm the crazy wicked stepmother), thus creating the opposite of that which I am attempting to foster. I am simply going to buy them these books, one by one, and let their own brilliant minds fill in the gaps for themselves. 

Like the old saying goes, I plan to quietly plant the seed and walk away. Cuz that's how we wicked stepmothers roll.

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  1. Another excellent feminist read is "Cat's Eye" by Margaret Atwood. I would recommend that for the older girl though as it's a bit mature in places. "The Edible Woman" by the same author is wonderful too.