Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Hypocracy Only Goes So Far

This article disheartens me in that it teaches me just how sick our country has become. It makes me realize that even a force as powerful, inspiring, and positive as Barack Obama may not be enough to change the tide of prejudice, hatred, intolerance, and ignorance that is so rife in this country.

I have this to say to African Americans who would suggest that atheists ("non-believers") are not represented in this country and are not a part of the fabric of this culture: Martin Luther King would be very disappointed in you. He worked so very hard to usher in a world of tolerance, compassion, and unity. As a population of people who have fought so very hard for your civil rights, who have come so far, who share a sorrowful history of abuse, mistreatment, misunderstanding, I would think that you would be more sensitive than most about the importance of accepting people, embracing the differences, and treating others as you would be treated. I extend this same message to the Christian community who is also so sadly intolerant of anyone who is not like themselves (in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus), and to any other person or community who shares these same practices of intolerance and hypocracy. In the end, love is really all you need. Love of yourself, your family, and your global community. We all share in common that we are all feeling human beings. Love is tolerant, kind, charitable, and forgiving; love IS all we need.

The president is a representative of the people of this great nation. ALL the people, not just a select few. To suggest that some people are superior to others due to their moral code (as dictated by a specific religion) and/or their skin color is completely ludicrous and defies common sense. What matter is it at all if we have different spiritual believe systems (or labels, as it were), as long as we all share a very similar and complimentary ethical code, as well as a spirit of support and patriotism for our country?

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