Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Waste of Oxygen

It never fails to amaze me the abundance of people out there who are chomping at the bit to insult another person's opinion with no motive other than simply to be a screaming fuckstick. I can understand if a person disagrees and takes the time and intelligence required to propose their opinion, or the flaw with mine. However, there are so many humans out there that lack not just time but intelligence, and their response to intelligent discourse is to resort to the playground antics of name-calling.

I find it amusing. It's proof that Darwinism works. Those with a modicum of intellect evolve to absorb higher levels of understanding of the world around them, sharing it with others and allowing free thought to expand and flourish, thus making a better quality of life for everyone they've touched. Those with miniscule brain matter spin their wheels and waste their energy attempting to cause their narrow view of the world to become smaller and smaller until there's nothing left but a pinprick hole of light blocked by their large and vacuous heads. This makes them happy because it relieves them of the threat of anyone else having valid opinions that may rock their unstable little boat and force them to admit that they may, in fact, be pretty damned ignorant. It doesn't work, however. The more they spin the less they accomplish.

So here is a cheer to those who are not afraid to speak their opinion, those who are not afraid to back it with valid fact, unimpeachable logic, and the decorum of respect. These are the people who strive for a better world. These are the people who sow the seeds of enlightenment. 

And here's a jeer to the name-callers, the haters, those who never crawled out of the primordial ooze, those who are still on the playground getting off on being bullies (because it relieves the stress of knowing that they are fuck-ups who don't have enough grey matter to figure out how to be anything else): your hatred of the world is an outward reflection of your hatred for yourself. You know it's true because if you attempt to deny it you're just lending it truth. How I pity you for the gift of life you've squandered in exchange for the ability to get off on a few dirty words. Silly boy, some of us graduated elementary school and went on with the rest of our lives. So get off the playground and go back to class. Fail.

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