Friday, January 21, 2011

Because It Was Earned, Not Given

Pharyngula: Make Don Mcleroy a Star


Because it is wrong to rewrite Civil Rights history as a means to celebrate the "majority" for "giving the minority their rights". Because people fought, sacrificed and risked it all to win the rights to which they were naturally entitled, and for this they should be celebrated. Because history teaches us how not to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

Because every scientific accomplishment was achieved through a rigorous process, not because a burning bush or a large rock "told me so".

Because dinosaurs were not on the freakin' Ark (except the one in Kentucky) and teaching our children this drivel in school is not just stupid, it is irresponsible.

Because Texas makes the largest order for public school text books in the United States which means that all text books in the USA will be fashioned to meet the demands of the Texas Board of Education.

Because this is not a small matter; it affects every child in our country as well as our future as an influential nation in the global theater.

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