Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Jobs is Good News... If You Believe the GOP

I just read a blog post by Griper Blade this morning:  GOP = No Jobs

We have this problem right here in South Carolina. Sanford refused to take the stimulus money because the feds wouldn't allow him to spend it on what he wanted (he wanted to pay back the big name developers who'd already abandoned the state).

Now the government is saying they don't want to put a much needed interstate into Myrtle Beach, which would go all the way to Ohio (where our biggest source of tourists are from). Not only is this going to hurt our tourist industry, it will nullify the opportunity for thousands of jobs in this state.

On another front, Charleston has one of the best harbors on the eastern seaboard for large ships- container ships and cruise ships. Only thing is, the harbor has been neglected and requires dredging if we are to continue to function as an international harbor. Thousands of jobs hang in the balance. Charleston tourist industry hangs in the balance. Thousands of potential jobs needed to perform the dredging operation hang in the balance.... But our government tells us it's fiscally irresponsible to spend this money on these projects right now with the economy being so tight.

Say again?

Ok, so paying for unemployment, SNAP services, etc, is BETTER for us? Watching our tourism industry (a major supporter of state economics) shrivel and die is GOOD for us?

I guess I just need to leave it in the hands of our sweet lord Jesus, dye my hair blonde and put it in a bouffant, and focus on my soap operas. It's just EASIER that way.... Or so they keep telling me.

By the way, what's happening in YOUR state?

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  1. The oldest adage in business in that "you must spend money to make money".

    It's called reinvesting in your business. It's the reason companies go public to get more working capital for research and development, advertising, distribution and ...expansion.

    With the exception of Big Oil most companies operate in, at or near the red. This forces constant momentum. To cease or cut would be the end of the company.

    It's simple economics, not rocket science.

    The issue at hand is the majority of government spending is frivolous and poorly focused. (i.e. subsidizing Big Oil who makes billions of dollars per quarter without the assistance, financing a needless war to the tune of a billion plus dollars per month and neglecting the poor, homeless and hungry right here in our own country).

    Imagine if there was a situation where certain social programs were traded for jobs (i.e. this train project). The unemployed are now employed earning direct wages as opposed to social compensation. In most circumstances they would now be earning more than their government program allotted them in the first place. This would cause LONG TERM stability and growth both for the GNP as well as the individual who is now gainfully employed.

    It seems such a simple answer to a simple situation.

    Unfortunately, the various governments in power are more apt to "cut off their nose to spite their face(s)".