Tuesday, November 30, 2010

X Marks the Christmas Hot Spot

The holiday season has arrived and with it comes all the hyperbole, anxiety, angst, vitriol, propaganda, politics and melodrama over what it's about, who it's about, who's Christian religion is the best, secular vs. religious, and [insert deity of your choice here]-forbid... WHY WE ARE ALL GOING TO HELL IF SOMEONE SPELLS CHRISTMAS WITH AN 'X'!!!!!

My siren of suspicion is clanging violently in my head. It's warning me that these are [this is where I generously give the human race the benefit of the doubt] probably the same people who text so many messages that their every day speak has become:

omg dis blog post s so lamo 
we shd ll jstgiv r hartz 2 Gsus n evry1 Ls cn go 2Hell. 
Ive 2 go shpg W my bff now. tlk2ul8r!

Or (and?) they are the same people who obviously didn't pay attention in school because they can't tell the difference between their, they're, there and a hole in the ground. 

So they are [I omitted the contraction in an effort to avoid confusing certain people]  yelling at us because we do not spell Christmas the way they like it and I am yelling at them because I wish to hell everyone could understand basic concepts such as, "this apostrophe goes here, but not here." 

Why can't we all just get along? Really. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people out there have nothing better to do with their lives than to chase after the nefarious X. Don't they see what happens when they crucify it? They will have turned an honest X into a 't'. That, in my humble opinion, is the real sacrilege here.

Oh, and if this post flustrates anyone I would like to apologize. . . As soon as I figure out what you mean.

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